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Security Challenge

Security Challenge is a unique startup program aimed at building cybersecurity companies even from scratch. The program is run by LUISS ENLABS and launched by Cisco Systems, LVenture Group, Infocert and NTT DATA. Our mission is to build and accelerate the development of high potential startup ideas in order to solve the world’s biggest cybersecurity challenges.

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Who can apply?


You can apply as a startup if you have a well defined idea and some trusted team-mates to work on it.

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Apply as an individual if you have an idea but no team or if you are a talent willing to join a team.

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Why should you apply?

Awesome working place

The program will be run at LUISS ENLABS - The Startup Factory, a magic tech hub in the heart of Rome where your can breathe entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy the contamination effect with some of the most promising startups in Italy.


Unique experience

Our job is to make you succeed. This is why you will be introduced to one of the greatest network of investors, large corporations, institutions and press to create valuable business opportunities and relations.


Deadline is December 9th!

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How does it work?

starts oct 5th for 3 months.

Level 1: Pre‐acceleration

During the first weeks, we will help you build or strenghten your team and define your business idea. Then, we will provide you with both business and technical expertise needed to build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

starts jan 9th for 4 months.

Level 2: Acceleration

Up to 4 startups will be admitted to LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program and will be provided with €80.000 (€30.000 cash and €50.000 in services) by LVenture Group S.p.A. in exchange for a 9% option of equity.


Attend one of the next Security Challenge promotional events. Introduce yourself, pitch your idea and increase your chances to be selected!


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