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We are a startup accelerator based in Rome, Italy, and certified by the Italian Government. We are operated by LVenture Group, a publicly listed venture capital company that provides our startups with funding and network. Twice a year, we select a new batch of early-stage startups for our acceleration program.


Micro-seed funding (€30K cash + €50K facilities) in return for 9% equity.


Two weeks sprints, demo days, business checks and 9 startup management seminars.


50+ international executives along with partners, sponsors and network of investors.


Latest Updates

  • adespresso hootsuite Our After-Acquisition Talk with AdEspresso’s Founders - Hootsuite has acquired AdEspresso. Everybody is talking about it. It is the biggest acquisition in the past year in Italy, and one of the 3 biggest acquisitions of the last 5 years and we are also thrilled to write about this startup. Why? Because, while its headquarters has always been...
  • AmbiensVR AmbiensVR launches an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd - AmbiensVR puts its foot down and opens an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, the equity crowdfunding platform born from the experience of SiamoSoci. After having been presented to investors in November 2016, the startup that brings the architecture and design in virtual reality creating interactive environments available on smartphones aims...
  • Android Factory Android Factory 4.0, che i giochi abbiano inizio! - Il 1 febbraio è partito Android Factory 4.0, il primo percorso di pre-accelerazione lanciato in collaborazione con LVenture Group e Google e interamente dedicato ad Android e all’Industria 4.0. Dopo 3 mesi di call, 5 tappe di roadshow che ci hanno portato a conoscere più di 300 talenti e ad ascoltare...
  • MySpot_Card sito EnLabs Open Innovation story: MySpot - This week we present you a story, an “Open Innovation ” story on MySpot, a startup participating in the current batch of our Acceleration Program through an Open Innovation initiative. MySpot is a startup of eFM, an Engineering Company – encompassing IT, Civil, Energy, Mechanical and Management Engineering for Real Estate...
  • nextwin invictus Nextwin launches Invictus: artificial intelligence that turns bets in investments - 2017 starts full of news for Nextwin! The startup that gives users the chance to bet on real events without wasting money has launched INVICTUS, the first artificial advice algorithm on sports pools. The algorithm is able to analyze a large amount of data generated (over 2 million the coupons...
  • manet-direttoo Bombshell: Manet and Direttoo raise 700k! - What a batch! After Remoria VR that closed a significant investment round only few weeks from the conclusion of the Acceleration Program, it’s now the turn of Manet and Direttoo. After having been presented to investors in November 2016, the two startups have raised investments from LVenture Group and some members of Angel...
  • PlayWood Startup Spotlight #4: PlayWood - Here we are with another startup to present in our “Startup Spotlight“. So, sitting comfortably, it’s now the turn of PlayWood, an innovative polyamide 3D printing connector system that allows you to build your own custom furniture with simple wooden tables and no need to drill, screws, glue or hammer....
  • atooma resonance ai Resonance AI: Atooma’s biggest launch ever - Our internet of things startup Atooma made magic again! After many hours of coding, testing, and brainstorming the public beta of Resonance AI dashboard is up and they are giving it away for free. Unbelievable? Try it now!   Resonance AI, totally free of charge for the next months, will...
  • Big Profiles_Card sito EnLabs Startup Spotlight #3: Big Profiles - Another week, another Startup Spotlight: it’s now the turn of Big Profiles, startup that joined our Acceleration Program by ranking among the best of those participating in the pre-acceleration phase of Security Challenge. The startup, born from the Ph.D. of Lorenzo Luce, CEO of Big Profiles, identifies public online information about...
  • ShopAround_Card sito EnLabs Startup Spotlight #2: ShopAround - Let’s continue with our “Startup Spotlight” to present the startups currently taking part in our Acceleration Program. After DiveCircle, it’s now the turn of ShopAround, startup that is for the traveler who is looking for shops that fit his personal needs and way of being, and who wants to avoid...

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