Great news from Whoosnap, startup based in our accelerator that connects photographers and video makers with brands and newspapers. Together with the free newspaper Metro, the startup has inaugurated a mutual cooperation to launch Whoosnap platform reserved for filmmakers and photo reporters. "Newspapers and broadcasters can buy a video or image exclusively," adds Scianaro. "We already have 250,000 video makers in Italy and Europe and we are convinced that the alliance with Metro will allow us at this stage to launch the product to expand our network of partners and to become the most popular network in Italy". "I am convinced that this is the right way to involve video makers and professional reporters and not in a fact-covering work, especially in large urban centers, remunerating the authors fairly - declares Giampaolo Roidi, Director of Metro and site - and therefore keeping us a check and a professional evaluation of videos and photos before publication. The platform gives us the ability to launch the call to the network of video makers on issues or events of interest to us. This mechanism also allows us, in the case of exclusive use, an optimal exploitation of the materials on social channels, achieving better traffic results". Whoosnap is continuously growing and this partnership is proof of this. Let's what is going to happen in the next months!