Working for a startup is quite different from choosing a traditional corporate job. You need to be comfortable with change. Very comfortable. You have to be ready to do lot of different tasks. Sometimes very different from your sector or your job description. Hours are a fluid concept and every day is a new adventure. But all the hard-work is easily re-paid. Don't you belive us? Last summer, some students from the United States came to do an internship in our startups. Check out what they say about their experience! foto-telaviv_0000_whoosnapI had the amazing opportunity to be able to work at the start up company called Whoosnap Srl. This company is based off an app that allows people to request and send pictures around the world instantaneously. I think that this company has been the best experience I could have received while being abroad.Logo GamePixThis semester presented me with an amazing opportunity to have an internship at GamePix. I was grateful for the work that I was doing, as well as the environment in which I was working in everyday. Over the last 10 weeks, my fellow colleagues really encouraged me every step of the way and allowed me to have an even greater experience than I had imagined.”   NextWin_logoLooking back on the opportunity now and getting the chance to reflect on it, taking part in this internship opportunity was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Interning at Nextwin has been an absolute blast and I cannot thank the Nextwin team enough for taking me under their wing. They not only gave me insight on the business world in Italy, but also insight on myself that I had never realized before interning there. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and will be sure to take what I learned from it with me for the rest of my life.”