From the analysis of the sentiment stated on Twitter posts to an advanced targeting of the new digital audiences, a real-time activity of social media monitoring allows startups to understand who is leading online conversation about their own reference market. Software solutions for social network analysis offer a powerful tool to detect most shared online topics, granting companies a first row monitoring experience of trending topics on User Generated Content (UGC) platforms. A sentiment analysis algorithm can be efficiently used also to real-time monitor not only social conversations on brands, sport matches and TV-shows but also big conferences and political elections. Generally, the startupper needs to focus his economic efforts on developing, hiring and brand awareness, while reputation will be an important question only on a second stage. If using a real-time monitoring tool is not immediately tied to brand reputation analysis, startups can start a social listening activity to find out the so called influencers, users able to influence their followers or readers’ opinions through online presence. Today, the power of content marketing spread by influencers has become huge, granting startups a new and, above all, cheap tool for digital PR. We used our social media monitoring tool to detect the top influencers into Twitter conversation on the last episode of the popular talent-show The Voice of Italy. In this chart it’s possible noticing the most followed mentioning The Voice of Italy in their posts. A retweet or @mention from these social profiles can generate totally free brand awareness. Understanding which users are leading social conversation allows startups to quickly find out the most important influencers into their reference market. These users will grant a positive impact in terms of awareness about online media, enhancing the viral reach of an innovative product or service. Every startup already has someone speaking of its own idea, the startup has to stay tuned in order not to waste time and energy on a wrong target. A monitoring and sentiment analysis tool allows startup to enter online conversations, but also to adopt targeted content marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and then the Return of Investment (ROI) of their own digital campaigns.  

Growing a startup, the value of social media analytics

Every startup has its early adopters. Every founder enters a market made by customers, users and competitors. The startupper has a challenging task: moving quickly to bite business, foreseeing users needs for a higher scalability. How to understand if users really need an innovative idea? As already stated, social media analysis has become a crucial activity to enter real-time online conversation flow. Social media monitoring allows startups to understand their market before biting it with targeted marketing strategies or more simple brand awareness campaigns. Generally, companies need social media to keep themselves updated and competitive on their reference market. Within a connected world the social media represent a very important place to monitor brand reputation, interacting every day with users and transforming a bad opinion into a satisfied client. In Italy, big transportation and TCs companies use social channels on a regular basis in order to real-time manage their customers' requests. Social caring is an happy problem for startups that will reach a big mass of users. First of all, they will have to work on the brand awareness, and they have to deeply understand everything is said online and transfer it into a reference market, especially on possible competitors. Except for those technologies creating brand new needs, every startup has its competitors. Social networks analysis is the new digital must to understand online conversation on competitors, to know if users are unhappy or seeking an enhanced product or service, that still doesn’t exist on market.  

Startup, digital marketing in the social era

In new digital marketing there is a rule that no founder should ever ignore for his startup promotion. Connections between users create value. Digital PR activities are there to be clicked, tied to an accurate social listening. Promotional power of word of mouth into social conversation has become huge, because digital communities are like squares where global information are shared and discussed. If industrial era puts product-machine at the core of social developing, the new social era raises content-software into the vortex of innovation. Old forms of industrial control are now substituted by principles of collaboration, sharing and online openness. Startup marketing has to manage user’s inclusion as real founding members. Social media monitoring and sentiment analysis activities can help startups following two specific and crucial trajectories within the online marketing. A first path leads to users listening inn order to understand their needs, opinions and of course, negative reviews. A single negative comment is not a threat, but the way – especially the timing - of replying. Social users monitoring passes through a second parallel path leading the startup to find precious information on targeting. Understanding if reference users are mostly men or women; their vital statistics; if they are focused on specific geographical areas. These data types used to be paid weight in gold by traditional companies, while now are on tap in public ways with social platforms’ expansion. Think about how much will cost – efforts and time – a manual monitoring activity through millions of tweets and blog posts. A social media monitoring tool is the compass to navigate in the vast ocean of User Generated Content. For more information about Datalytics solutions: For our newsletter: