Among other aspects, technology is changing the way we drive car. Day by day, innovation is helping drivers enjoy an always improved user experience. Have a look at what has happened with navigation devices, for example, which have allowed a smarter (and paperless) way to travel. They soon became native (integrated in the dashboard) while smartphones and sensors have been opening a new era of breakthroughs. Think about how Israeli Waze (acquired by Google for $1.2Bn in 2013) has changed the way we get information about traffic via its huge community of connected drivers. It is not anymore a dedicated radio station issuing a bullettin at a given time but a crowd of people in the midst of the rush hour exchanging information in real time. Corporate venture capital firms seem to have understood the disruptive potential of technology in this field. At the beginning of 2012, Intel Capital launched a $100m investment fund to accelerate the adoption of new technology and services in the automotive industry. The Intel Capital Connected Car Fund recently made a meaningful investment in ZMP Inc., a Tokyo, Japan-based developer of autonomous driving technologies including car robotics platforms, visualization and analytics, tech consulting and field operational testing, and connected car informatics. Nokia, which provides location intelligence for connected vehicles through a dedicate division called HERE, recently launched a $100m fund to invest "in companies whose innovations will be important for a world of connected and intelligent vehicles". Managed by Nokia Growth Partners, the Connected Car fund works closely with HERE to make investments that also support the growth of the ecosystem around HERE's mapping and location products and services. It has already invested in Zubie in its recent $8m round. Based in Charleston, SC, the company has developed a AlwaysSmart™ proprietary technology that extracts and analyzes data about driving behavior and engine health in order to provide safety and cost recommendations. Car manufacturers are also trying to surf this wave and are active in backing and partnering with startups to make cars always more connected. Among them, BMV i Ventures, BMW Group's venture capital firm based in New York City, is building a diversified portfolio featuring: Life360 (app for parents), MyCityWay (infotainment), ParkatmyHouse (an online marketplace designed to connect available parking spaces with people looking to park), Chargepoint (a global public charging network to connect electric vehicle drivers to charging stations), and Chargemaster (a provider of an advanced range of electric vehicle charging solutions). In addition, in September 2014, Inrix, Inc., a Kirkland, WA-based global provider of real-time traffic information worldwide to automakers (like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Toyota), fleets, governments and news organizations, received a $55m investment from Porsche S.E., the holding company with a controlling interest in the Volkswagen Group. Speaking about safety while driving, Italian LVenture has backed Snapback, which has developed technology that allows people to communicate with smartphones and tablets by enforcing simple hand, voice, and air gestures and minimizing touch and sight interactions.