This weekend Revotree, Deesup and Skaffolder, LVenture Group’s startups, accelerated by LUISS EnLabs, will participate to HEROES, the first Euro-Mediterranean Co-innovation Festival that involves the most inspired (and inspiring) modern heroes: CEOs of global enterprises, business angels, investors, intellectuals, researchers, policymakers and the most interesting startups of the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

All three startups, selected for Heroes Prize Competition 2018, will be there to present their innovative solutions in AgriTech, Design and Information Technology fields.

Revotree, on stage to pitch jury on September 20th, is a cost-effective and easy-to-use DSS, driven by an AI-equipped app, designed to manage and optimize orchards and vineyards irrigation. Revotree revolutionizes watering techniques thanks to a flexible and easy-to-install sensor network that provides a large amount of information and a data prediction software that integrates information from sensors and weather forecasts, increases the efficiency of the irrigation system, classifies land, profiles crops, and develops water trends.

Deesup, pitching on September 21st, is the first Italian marketplace dedicated to design enthusiasts to sell and buy exclusive furniture items. Our mission is to bring good design in every home, offering a selection of iconic pieces offered by privates and vendors and ensuring their authenticity and good preservation. The startup has already opened its online shop to European markets with the aim of becoming the reference point for second-hand design furniture.

Last but not the least, Skaffolder, on stage on September 20th,  allows creating web apps, its structure and its pages, saving 30% of time compared to standard timings. The platform avoids the writing of repetitive source code delivering quality code of which the developer remains the owner, easy to understand and easily customizable. The automatic creation of code with Skaffolder standardizes the working methodology in the projects, increasing the ideas interchange between the professional figures within them, favoring their synergy and cooperation. This ensures lower production effort, increased productivity and continuous training support for the development team.

When we talk about HEROES we don't just talk about startups but also about innovation professionals. On Saturday 22nd, Augusto Coppola, LUISS EnLabs Managing Director, will take part in a panel focused on communication for Italian startup - "Esaltati e depressi: le startup italiane alla sfida della comunicazione" together with serial entrepreneurs and stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.

HEROES is waiting for you, don't miss this chance!