Our internet of things startup Atooma made magic again! After many hours of coding, testing, and brainstorming the public beta of Resonance AI dashboard is up and they are giving it away for free. Unbelievable?

Try it now!


Resonance AI, totally free of charge for the next months, will learn users' most important places (home, work, gym and so on) and will use them to predict what she/he is going to do. You simply need to put some automation and - voilà - the deed is done!

Sounds good, doesn't it? To start using the dashboard you only need to:

  • register
  • create a new project by simply activating the modules to be involved in
  • activate the rule engine to provide life-driven smart automation and suggestions.

Are you curious? Test it!

Want to learn more about Resonance AI? Keep reading 😉