This week we present you a story, an "Open Innovation " story on MySpot, a startup participating in the current batch of our Acceleration Program through an Open Innovation initiative. MySpot is a startup of eFM, an Engineering Company – encompassing IT, Civil, Energy, Mechanical and Management Engineering for Real Estate Management. It was born from the innovative culture of this company and participates in the Acceleration Program thanks to a partnership with LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS, in the context of Open Innovation initiatives to support corporate innovation. To introduce the technological innovations and service market to improve the lives of every individual, eFM has undertaken researches on the new "smart working" model and launched an in-house contest. MySpot joined us by winning the contest. The startup was founded to meet the need of the community of smart workers and freelancers to work in an agile, flexible, shared and distributed in space and time manner. MySpot is the collaborative community that allows retailers, public administrations and individuals to provide spaces, in non-rush time slots, ready to accommodate people looking for places to concentrate, communicate and meet, all through a platform that enables to access the services the smart workers need. With its spread coworking model, MySpot reconnects and enhances spaces of the city by sharing ideas, passion and experiences of those who live them and offering the chance to choose. Cafes, restaurants, museums, libraries, sports centers, parks: all places can be ideal workplaces, thanks to the services that revolve around them and that make it possible to carry out the work, giving new life to the urban pattern and its connections and infrastructure. Thanks to MySpot, the city becomes your home, your office, your endless choice and relationship. Are you ready for the future workplace? Find out more in the video-interview on Diario Innovazione (ITALIAN ONLY)