Qurami, the startup that has created the popular app allowing to queue remotely and book a wide range of services through smartphones, closed a major investment round. After the last round of 590 thousand Euros from Unicredit, LVenture Group SpA and IAG, the fund R204 Partners S.p.A., led by Italian managers of Bain & Company, is now backing the company founded by Roberto Macina, which in a few years has established itself as one of the most interesting and awarded players in the Italian startup community. Qurami was one of the first startups based in the facilities of our accelerator and LVenture Group was the first investor to believe in the validity of the idea from which the startup was born. With this investment, Qurami proves to be a company able to attract major investors who decide to look out into the world of digital startups betting on a growing reality. Previously, the choice of Unicredit had also been the first investment of a bank in a startup in Italy. “We are happy and proud that R204 Partners, fund composed of partners of a large group such as Bain & Company, has chosen to bet on us” says Roberto Macina, CEO of Qurami. “We like to consider this not only as an economic investment, but also as a real synergy of values and skills that may strengthen our vision, geared to global growth of Qurami, even more.” Currently the app is available in over 300 facilities across Italy and the number of downloads has exceeded one million. In addition to expanding on different foreign markets, the company recently launched a new platform, Qurami Agenda, which allows users to book services, ranging from hairdressers to tennis courts, in all the structures that are part of the network. With the support of new investors, the goal of Qurami is that of becoming the reference point for services that allow to optimize time in the smart cities of the future.