If you popped up for a quick visit to our accelerator in the latest days, you may have noticed it... a big white veil covers something huge, just close to the conference room. What is hidden behind it? Well. Let's say it is something that will make developers very, very excited... You know, every developer faces a major problem nowadays. With the proliferation of devices of every crazy size and resolution, developers are getting mad about making their websites and apps perfectly responsive to every screen. Everyday a developer come to our office asking us to borrow her a different device. Talking to them, we understood they would love to test their creations on every possible device to guarantee the best UI for every user. It would save to their startups money and time. This is the reason why we decided, in partnership with our main sponsor Wind, to engage some of the best player of the market to create what is hidden behind the huge white veil: the Device Lab! Device Lab is one of a kind service in Italy. Thanks to the effort of Wind, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Nokia we made it possibile to offer to our startuppers an impressive lab. To find out more about how the Device Lab works and what it can offer you, come and visit us for the unveiling on February, 3rd, during a dedicated event that will even host the final pitch session of Wind Business Factor.  

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