MyLab Nutrition, the first service in Europe for the creation of customized sports food supplements formulas, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, the platform that allows Italian innovative companies to find new partners and capital to grow their project, and collects € 100,000 in less than 24 hours.

Through the interactive laboratory or the interactive consulting, athletes can create from scratch or get suggestion about the customized supplement formulas that are perfect for their nutritional or sports needs and receive the exact quantity of products that can be consumed day-by-day at home.

The interactive consultancy profiles the user by asking for biometric parameters, eating habits and training routines, nutritional and sports objectives, lifestyle, and state of health. Considering all these parameters, the algorithm recommends the perfect integration package for each user.

The formula of every single raw material, sold in single-dose sachets, is notified to the Ministry of Health and respects the sales parameters imposed by Italian and European law on health and sports supplements.

The algorithm constantly supervises the creation of formulas, preventing the user to select higher daily quantities than the safety limits imposed by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The MyLab Nutrition project is very ambitious: it wants to become the reference point for personalized home-based supplements. To do so, the startup is seeking to raise 300,000 Euros activating an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, the platform that allows investing in startups and innovative SMEs completely online.

Participating in the campaign is simple, just register on the website, visit the page dedicated to the MyLab Nutrition project (where you can find information and economic documents, such as the business plan) and choose how much to invest.