There is important news from Majeeko, startup based in our accelerator that allows the administrators of Facebook Pages to create their own attractive, professional, fully responsive and graphically customizable website with a single click. The startup signed a cooperation agreement with Italionline, the first Italian Internet company, and released Libero Pages, a tool that allows you to create a site from your Facebook fan page. Libero Pages caters to small businesses, professionals and those holders of Facebook pages that wish to have a public image, outside the confines of a social media. The creation of the site is simple and easy: you do not need any technical knowledge or expert advice. Through a few clicks, you can import all the contents of your fan page (post, gallery, video, etc.) and have a real customizable website, compatible with all devices and keep it up to date. The instrument, in its basic version, is completely free, while those who want to get a more professional and personalized result, with an own domain name, e-mail boxes and an e-commerce platform, can take advantage of attractive introductory offers of the product. The immediacy of use, editable graphics, the close link with the most used social network in Italy, to the possibility of opening an e-commerce store, make Libero Pages a unique service capable of bringing micro businesses or simple web users to more complex technology platforms, without the need to possess advanced digital literacy. "During our experience - says Simone Golcic, CEO and co-founder of Majeeko - we realized that the customers for whom we performed traditional websites, after a short time, didn't update their own webpage getting worse their performance online as a result. But, at the same time, the Facebook pages were updated in real time and always full of fresh content thanks to the ease and immediacy of this company. Majeeko stems from a real and concrete need that we can not and will not ignore. I and all the Majeeko team are happy and proud of the agreement with an established brand of Italian web such as ItaliaOnLine ". This is a big shot for the startup, keep following us for further news!