A new edition of LUISS ENLABS Investor Day took place yesterday in our headquarters. High expectations and true excitement were in the air for this great event in which six from our most recent batch of startups pitched international VCs, business angels and corporate investors all gathered in the same place. Did you miss the event? Here the six startups that pitched! AmbiensVR enables architects, engineers, real estate professionals and their clients to experience architectural designs in Virtual Reality revolutionizing the way of communicating architecture and interior design. It is composed by an online platform connected with a mobile app that allows to experience VR presentations everywhere and for everyone. Babaiola is the first travel and entertainment search engine for LGBT people. It allows to plan trips and exchange information with the thousands of users. Thanks to strong marketing strategies, Babaiola is able to acquire users at €0.35 cents per user. The platform allows its users to plan their trip and exchange information with more than 10k subscribers. Direttoo is the first digital platform where restaurateurs buy directly from farmers and producers, quickly and saving money. Through Direttoo’s platform, restaurateurs finally get to know producers and their standards of production and get products at the best value for money. MANET is an integrated mobile and web-based system addressed to hotels and their guests. It replaces the landline phones in hotel rooms with a customized smartphone that offers tourists phone calls, connectivity and numerous touristic and hospitality services. Remoria VR produces input devices for mobile Virtual Reality. Currently, its main product is Lignum, a wireless Bluetooth LE controller specifically designed for VR on smartphones, which enables the user to control the interaction with an hand-held device. YAKKYO is a B2B sourcing, ordering, customs clearance and delivery solution for SMEs to buy from China at a factory price. With an easy-to-use chatbot and no minimum order quantity limit, YAKKYO allows SMEs to have direct access to Chinese suppliers without the traditional sourcing hassle.