Getting visibility is a key goal for every startup, but it's often a difficult task. Visibility can attract potential users/customers for your product nonetheless it can affect the product/brand value perceived by potential investors. There is a high chance that part of the budget for the communication plan is allocated for online advertising to gain new users/customers and to expand the brand knowledge. So what’s the price for advertising campaigns in Italy? Moreover how much shall a startup spend for an effective advertising campaign? There can be more than one answer to these questions and it’s difficult to choose the right one. We were wondering how much advertising can be bought in Italy for 30,000€ and we have done a research about advertising in traditional channels (tv, newspapers, billboards,..) and digital channels (Google, Facebook, Twitter,..). A nice infographic created by Paolo Ratto e Luigi Ferrara gives some interesting cues to understand advertising costs. The results are interesting, you should have a look!       Link to the original article