There are no magic wands nor secret formulas that will make a startup turn into the new Facebook in five months, but there are for sure some ways to make a bit easier the harsh way to success. Participating to our startup acceleration program is one of these. Here’s how it works.

Structure of the Program

Preparation (1 month). During the “preparation” stage, entrepreneurs are required to learn how to manage their startups and understand their customer-solution fit. During this period, LUISS ENLABS team helps entrepreneurs to establish their companies. Courses and workshops are organized in accordance with the Lean Startup best practices in order to help startups to manage their company. Acceleration (2 months). During this second stage, startups understand their market-product fit. Startups are expected to have matured a “Lean” approach to problem solving and to be able to start validating their products into the market. The acceleration program team and the advisors carefully monitor the market response and support entrepreneurs to pivot and refine the product in order to better satisfy the market needs. Metrics and Fund Raising (2 months). Accelerated startups gather and monitor the correct KPIs driving their growth. The startups are mentored to present their business through pitches and investment decks.  

Time management

While you are here, reading this article, the market is changing and your competitors are working on their unique value proposition. The clock is ticking and wasting time is not an option.Time management is one of the critical success factors for a startup on its stage of product validation. Our startups are therefore required to follow an XPM (extreme programming) approach. They must manage their time in the accelerator and speed up their development. Regular business checks help entrepreneurs to be focused on their jobs. Early detection of any kind of problem can hinder the startup development and find solutions for it. During our regular Demo Days, the startups are required to explain the mentoring team and the advisors the reason why business value was created in a defined time period.  

Seminars and Events

The acceleration program provides the startups with the priority access to a vast array of events continuously generated by our event experts. Events can involve seminars dedicated to the hosted startups. Open events are organized in order to make startups learn from renowned experts; this is the occasion to meet the people in charge of scouting new solutions for big companies. Closed workshops and seminars to improve vertical skills are organized and held by experts with an hands on experience with the startup and digital industry. Moreover, hackathon and technical showcases will give the startup the opportunity to network with their peers and finding new talents to hire. 80% of the startups accelerated by our program got an investment follow-on. What are you waiting for? The call for the spring/summer acceleration program is open.