Moovenda is back in the news with a sensational notice: the Italian food delivery startup in LVenture Group's portfolio has closed an investment round for €335k! After having acquired iAmbrogio, an innovative application for home delivery services, and having launched Moovenda Black, a service dedicated to high-quality catering, the startup is back with an investment round for the value of €335k through the participation of various private Italian investors. "This investment will allow us to strengthen our position in Rome and Viterbo, and will allow us to bring our service to new cities which we will announce in the coming days," said Simone Ridolfi, CEO of Moovenda. Jacopo Paoletti, CMO of Moovenda, added: "We are entering the second phase of our lives: from the consolidation of the leadership in Rome to a gradual expansion nationwide. We closed 2016 with a revenue of more than 1 million euros, and we grew up perfecting our business model and improving cost structure. 2017 will be the year in which we will aim to be the first Italian player in the sector. " The Roman startup that delivers plates of over 450 restaurants is, in fact, the only Italian startup in the food delivery scenario to have collected a total of over 1 million euros investment. Moovenda is ready to do great things, let's see what is going to happen in the next months!