Hello startuppers! This is Giulio writing. I’m honored to be the first author of our new corner: ‘EnList – LUISS ENLABS and UrList for startuppers’.  This corner will be filled with tons of awesome urls on weekly basis. We will try to find themes that are both interesting and useful. Please comment below to make suggestions and give us feedback. The tool we are using to collect and sort the links is Urlist. Feel free to subscribe and start to share YOUR lists with us ☺ Now, back to the topic, the list we are presenting you today is……  



I tried to focus the contents specifically for startups, therefore you will NOT find any article about: Final Fantasy, the PS vs. X-Box battle, E-Sports and Call of Duty just to mention some. This list focuses on 3 main aspects of the industry: - Websites useful to gather info about the market and  game analytics (Website section) Probably you know about Gamespot, IGN, Multiplayer…  but you may not follow these websites.   - The latest news of the month (Trends). Much more topics should have been picked up but August was a really hot month for gamers and there simply was an overflow of great news. These, I believe are the most relevant ones.   - Some links about crowdfunding (Crowdfunding for Dummies) Crowdfunding has been proved to be a very good way to fund your startups in gaming. These articles will help you to make the first step into this world.   I’ll keep updating this list so if you are interested follow it and contribute. ☺ Stay tuned!