Our Internet of things startup Atooma released its first product for the iOS platform: Atooma - Automatic Action. This BETA version of the app will bring Atooma Smart Actions on the iPhone for the first time, allowing users to have their Apple device resolve daily tasks automatically. The app is not presented as a porting of the android app for iOS devices, but as a new approach to the mission of making the technology we carry in our pockets smarter than ever. "We are proud to launch our public Atooma iOS Beta version which is aimed to work as a powerful Smart Assistant for all the iPhone users. Leveraging on our huge experience and strong community background in the Android space, we decided to move into an iOS version having the goal to propose few but super popular use cases aimed to improve the user life - said Fabrizio Cialdea, CEO of the startup - Within the following 3 to 6 months we have a challenging plan to deliver new and fresh use cases that will be directly suggested and pushed into your iPhone device so please-please, stay tuned!" Want to help Atooma understaing better human interactions and becoming smarter than ever? Then try the app and give them your feedback!  


    What is Atooma - Automatic Action? It's a free smart assistant application for iPhone that offers an array of automatic actions to be performed by the iPhone. Every automatic action - aka Smart Action - follows an "IF this happens DO something else" logic. To enable or disable a Smart Action users need just a simple swipe. As long as one or more Smart Actions are activated, the device will seamlessly gain new functionalities, selected by the user itself to take care of routinary tasks. What are the functionalities? The user will find Smart Actions about fitness, home life, driving, music, weather. Have a taste: Smart weather forecast Preempt bad weather while working out. Receive a notification if weather changes occur while you’re running. Park locator Where the hell did I park? Get your last location saved when the Bluetooth gets disconnected. Find your car easily! Alert your dears Let your beloved know when you’re back home. Email or text a specific contact when entering home. Music on the move Run at your own rythm. Get your favorite music app launched while running.  

Download Atooma - Automatic Action from the App Store!