What a batch! After Remoria VR that closed a significant investment round only few weeks from the conclusion of the Acceleration Program, it's now the turn of Manet and Direttoo. After having been presented to investors in November 2016, the two startups have raised investments from LVenture Group and some members of Angel Partner Group respectively for 275 thousand Euros and 409 thousand Euros. Both Direttoo and Manet participated in the last batch of our Acceleration Program concluded in November 2016. They immediately attracted the attention of investors due to the numbers that they have been able to reach and the potentialities of the innovative services that they have launched in their respective markets. DirettooDirettoo operates in the FoodTech sector and allows restaurateurs to buy directly from the manufacturers through a digital platform, revolutionizing the B2B food chain. The startup has opened a capital increase of 500 thousand Euros, of which 275 thousand Euros collected in this first tranche, divided into 100 thousand Euros from LVenture Group and the remaining amount from members of Angel Partner Group. Launched in 2016, the startup has achieved in a few months half a million Euros in revenues only by operating in the Lazio region, consolidating important relationships with high-end restaurants based in Roma and strategic partnerships with companies operating in various Food&Beverage segments. The goal in 2017 is to maintain a steady growth, landing in major Italian cities. Manet (Manet Mobile Solutions), offers innovative services for the hospitality industry and has developed a solution that integrates a customized smartphone that replaces existing landline phones inside of hotel rooms and offers guests voice traffic / data and tourist services and a web dashboard allowing hoteliers to manage services and customer relations. The startup closed a round of 409 thousand Euros, of which 50 thousand Euros from LVenture Group and the remaining amount from the angel investors. Manet has already collected 350 thousand Euros in September from LVenture Group and some members of Angel Partner Group. Recently, it has achieved important results in terms of business development, including agreements like that with the hotel chain “Roscioli Hotels” that will imply the supply of devices to their facilities.