Atooma, a startup in LVenture Group’s portfolio, which has operated in our Accelerator for a long time, has been selected to take part in the TechFounders international Acceleration Program in Munich, Germany. Atooma is an artificial intelligence system dedicated to companies which creates proactive automations based on the user’s life. The program has started on July 15th and the aim of the accelerator is to allow startups to work with one of TechFounders industry partners as a high class customer or investor. Atooma is Bosch’s choice to work with during the next months. “We make leading enterprises and startups overcome innovation barriers by realizing mutual business opportunities”. This is how the team describes the accelerator. During this 20-week-program, tech startups have the chance to cooperate with one of the TechFounders’ industry partners , in order to develop their business and craft a product together. Last but not least, TechFounders provides startups with a € 25.000 grant, free of equities. Atooma presented its white label SDK Resonance AI (for B2B) to the TechFounders team and their partners. It is an innovative IoT platform which enriches connected products and apps with a predictive context-awareness based on user lives. Resonance analyzes and learns habits and the various contexts the user encounters, in order to link them with ad-hoc and personalized smart actions and automation. “Resonance AI captured Bosch's interest and we are very proud to say that, in the next months, we are going to work with this German giant” says Fabrizio Cialdea, CEO at Atooma. “This opportunity is a great chance for us to land on the German market. Moreover, thanks to our physical presence there, it allows us to get in touch with other important players of that area”. What happens now? – There are various scenarios, but the collaboration with a global actor like Bosch will undoubtedly enforce Atooma’s business with important returns in terms of visibility and portfolio. On July 15th, TechFounders team kicked off the program and a full agenda of meetings with mentors, coaches, VCs and Bosch representatives now begins.