Imagine turning 3D models into VR scenes, and imagine doing it in less than 5 minutes. Unbelievable, isn't it? Now it's possible with AmbiensVR SketchUp Plugin, the zero-impact tool on the designer's workflow, which can turn 3D models into VR scenes in less than 5 minutes.

AmbiensVR SketchUp Plugin

After having brilliantly completed LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program in November 2016 and an equity crowdfunding campaign for 220k Euros AmbiensVR, the platform created in 2016 that brings architecture, design and real estate into virtual reality, is ready to extend its offer and launches SketchUp Plugin, the innovative tool that allows you to transform a static model into an interactive experience in real time available on all platforms.

The plugin completely integrates with the SketchUp interface without exporting external files, and through a single button, the professional can create an interactive 3D model, fully customizable. Additionally, the cloud sharing service lets you publish your project on all platforms: iOS, Android, PC / Mac.

The idea

This plugin fits in with a wider project: automating the transition from 3D model to Virtual Reality to all the most popular modeling software in the design, architecture, building and construction sectors, starting with SketchUp.

"The choice to start this project with SketchUp was based on three fundamental factors: it is a free software, it is very intuitive and is supported by a vast community. Integrating completely with its interface and without needing to export external files, our plugin allows you to transform a 3D model into an interactive experience in less than 5 minutes", said Ennio Pirolo, CEO of AmbiensVR.