AmbiensVR puts its foot down and opens an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, the equity crowdfunding platform born from the experience of SiamoSoci. After having been presented to investors in November 2016, the startup that brings the architecture and design in virtual reality creating interactive environments available on smartphones aims at raising €180.000 to revolutionize the communication of the architectural design, offering a unique perspective, immersive and interactive virtual environments. AmbiensVR is on the market by the end of 2016 and it can already count on international customers. With graphic software market (rich but stable) on one side and that of the VR (small but about to explode) on the other, AmbiensVR wants to exploit the particular combination to expand its platform and make it a point of reference for the target involved. "We have created a product that can offer a unique perspective, immersive and interactive virtual environments. After validating it during the acceleration period, we are ready to strengthen customer acquisition and simultaneously to increase R&D resources" said Ennio Pirolo, CEO of AmbiensVR. To continue to grow, AmbiensVR has chosen to use the equity crowdfunding tool, by activating a campaign on Mamacrowd, the platform that allows you to invest in startups and innovative SMEs completely online. The process is simple: just register on site, go to (where you can find the information and economic documents, such as business plans) and choose how much to invest. Well, we just have to wish them good luck!