2016 is ending and carries 6 new investment operations for our startups. These rounds, adding to those concluded since January, mean that total startups in the portfolio have raised more than € 8 million in 2016, of which more than € 2 million by LVenture Group. The new investment operations were the following: - DynamiTick, which provides Dynamic Ticket Pricing solutions for the industry of sport and entertainment, closed the capital increase open at the end of the LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program in the summer of 2016, for a total of € 350 thousand, with a tranche of € 95 thousand signed by Shark Bites, whose major shareholder is Fabio Cannavale, founder and CEO of lastminute.com group; - Fitprime, which allows its users to have access to all the sports centers in its network with a single subscription through the app, as DynamiTick closed the capital increase opened at the end of the acceleration program in the summer of 2016, for a total of € 400 thousand, with a tranche of € 159 thousand signed by Shark Bites (€ 67k) and other investors; - Moovenda, food delivery platform with a specific focus on the gastronomic excellences market, has raised a round bridge from business angels. The startup raised a total of 1 million euro in 2016, year that opened with the acquisition of the competitor Loveat and ended with the acquisition of iAmbrogio, innovative application for home delivery services; - Remoria VR, which develops virtual reality input devices for mobile and issued Lignum, a Bluetooth low energy controller for iOS and Android and has finished the LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program just last month, has gathered in a short time an investment round, the details of which will be broadcast in January; - Tutored, social and app platform that allows students to better organize their own university life through sharing services such as notes, repetitions, exam questions, and more, concluded a round bridge opened last August; - Whoosnap, an app that allows companies to request photos and video of a place or a specific event in real time on the basis of geo-users by offering in exchange for a financial consideration, has closed a round bridge involving LVenture Group and other investors and angel investors. We can't wait to see what happens in 2017, and you?