The deadline to apply for the Incubation Program AI WorkLab is coming soon! Individual talents, teams and startups have time until November 30th to participate in the selection process and have the opportunity to receive €2,500 grant (equity free) and access to a three-month program starting in January at LUISS ENLABS! One of the major strengths of the program is having on board companie who believe in the value of Open Innovation intended as a model promoting mutually beneficial connections between startups and corporates and who are on the first line to face challenges and opportunities in the era of AI. In this interview, Marco Brachini Marketing, Brand & Customer Relationship Director of Sara Assicurazioni, has shared with us his views on the reasons why Artificial Intelligence and Open Innovation are essential for an insurance company such as Sara Assicurazioni nowadays.  

Why has Sara Assicurazioni decided to become a partner of a program like AI WorkLab?

“There are several reasons that have led us to take part in the program and more generally to create a connection with LUISS ENLABS. Closely observing the world of startups and business case development logic within an Incubation Program allows us to acquire "agile" methods and mindset to be re-launched within our corporate context. What is important is the effect of contamination and participation that the initiative can generate on our staff and the virtuous emulation dynamics that it can produce in our professional daily life.”  

Why do you feel that Artificial Intelligence is a particularly interesting sector at this time?

“For the insurance market and in particular for Sara, technology is an enabler allowing us to make the most of our services for customers. AI, more than other themes on the table today, connected for example to tools such as chatbots, allows us to increase the number of service touch points on our insured customers by increasing the quality and frequency of contact. We are the first insurer in Italy who has already launched a chatbot for tracking the claim on the insured customers and we expect to find out much, as service solutions, through the AI WorkLab program.”  

What impact do you think Artificial Intelligence can have on the innovation of the insurance industry?

“The theme of machine learning is central nowadays and, within our industry, it will allow us to give more concreteness to the concept of “omni-channel activities” so as to best satisfy the customer experience of our customers which is, and wants to be, more and more hybrid and cross-channel. The impact can be translated into greater proximity to the customer, better service levels and thus a more satisfying customer journey with better loyalty levels. In other words, better business governance through a more careful and calibrated proximity to the customer.”  

Why do you feel that the Open Innovation model, based on collaboration between startups and large companies, can be the right strategy to innovate for corporates?

“Due to our size, for Sara it makes no sense to develop a solid and effective competence centre on innovation within our structure. It is much more useful and, above all, efficient to work side by side with those who deal with these issues every day and allows us to absorb new mentalities and working approaches through virtuous contamination. We have a significant digital transformation going on that will accompany us in the short / medium term, and one of the biggest challenges will be that of the cultural change of our people (employees and agency sales network). The easiest and most useful way to do this is to collaborate with the world of startups and competence centres such as LUISS ENLABS.”