Let’s continue with our "Startup Spotlight" to present the startups currently taking part in our Acceleration Program. After DiveCircle, it’s now the turn of ShopAround, startup that is for the traveler who is looking for shops that fit his personal needs and way of being, and who wants to avoid commercial chains or monobrands. “I was in Sofia for work and I was looking for typical shops – says Maria La Via, ShopAround co-founder – but I wasn’t able to find anything right for me. So, running around the city, the idea of ShopAround came to me.” Through ShopAround's app, which will be released in private beta at the end of January, the user will be able to sign in, enter his style, enter what he wants to buy, and automatically checks out his tailor-made shopping tour, enjoying a local fun shopping experience and unraveling the city reaching also hidden and unique shops and areas that most belong to him. ShopAround uses a machine learning algorithm and will allow an enjoyable and innovative user experience. Find out more in the video-interview on Diario Innovazione (Italian Only)