Here we are with another startup to present in our "Startup Spotlight". So, sitting comfortably, it’s now the turn of PlayWood, an innovative polyamide 3D printing connector system that allows you to build your own custom furniture with simple wooden tables and no need to drill, screws, glue or hammer. “Our project was born from a research of D. School Stanford Make Space – says Stefano Guerrieri CEO of PlayWood – we were impressed, but at the same time we could not apply it to our context. We live in provincial small town in Italy, so we have developed an easy system to quickly prototype and implement workspaces, accordingly to the needs of the team at that time.” The Playwood products link to a new concept of dynamic decoration, economical and environmentally friendly with which to create work spaces, creative studios, pop up store, atelier and everything that suggests the imagination according to the principle of the 3Rs: Recreating, Recycle, Save. With Playwood, in fact, the furniture can be adapted over time and, thanks to the possibility of using ecological and recyclable materials, minimizing the impact on the environment, save time, effort and money. To build furniture with Playwood system takes only two components: connectors and wood panels. There are three types of connectors, made with 3D printing, each of which is arranged to connect the panels together with a different angle, these, in their turn, can have variable dimensions according to the needs and a thickness between 1.5 cm and 2 cm. Find out more in the video-interview on Diario Innovazione (Italian Only)