Another week, another Startup Spotlight: it's now the turn of Big Profiles, startup that joined our Acceleration Program by ranking among the best of those participating in the pre-acceleration phase of Security Challenge. The startup, born from the Ph.D. of Lorenzo Luce, CEO of Big Profiles, identifies public online information about specific persons: it can profile a company’s customers, empowering its consumer insights, while providing users with a greater degree of security by making their data on level and type of studies, job titles and occupation category, locations of birth and living, interests and passions anonymous. Big Profiles concerns about privacy anonymizing profiles and producing only aggregated analysis and predictions. Big Profiles major strength is the Identity Resolution algorithm, which identifies information belonging to a person scattered among social and web pages, and matches this person with a customer in a company’s database. Big Profile provides large companies with analysis on consumers and behavior predictions, maximizing the companies’ success in a number of enterprise tasks including not only market analysis and sales, but also others like for instance customer satisfaction and loyalty and fraud detection. Find out more in the video-interview on Diario Innovazione (Italian Only)