Matteo Franceschetti
Serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Techstars Mentor
  • Matteo is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor at Techstars, The Founder's Institute and CleanTech Open. He built a strong experience in energy and cleantech while co-founding and leading a group in solar, which he bootstrapped in Europe, U.S., and Africa. Matteo sold the Italian branch in 2012 and closed the Series A round of the US branch in June 2013. In 2012 he co-founded a mobile gaming company (MOWA) which he sold after a few months. At present, on top of his activities in the energy space, he is shareholder of a 3D printing company in customizable jewelry, and a sports networking platform, while also being an active investor and mentor to other tech startups in the US tech space. Before becoming an entrepreneur Matteo worked as a lawyer in finance, in the two of the largest European Law Firms. Matteo currently lives in New York.