Daniel Guasco
Founder of Twangoo, CEO Groupon South Africa
  • Daniel started his first business at 12, in fact so young that his first employee was a driver! He often speaks about that entrepreneurial journey, and get asked what the key quality is for people looking to start their own business. He believes that in order to develop an idea into reality it takes a relentless amount of dedication to not only identify that opportunity but to focus on how to make it a reality. He launched Twangoo South Africa in 2010 and it was bought within 12 months by Groupon during their international expansion. Since then, he pioneered in the e-commerce space, developing into one of the most popular group buying sites on the African continent. Daniel enjoys sharing what he has learnt along the way and the insight he has within the African market. He is involved in a number of disruptive technology ventures including a board member of www.teamafricaventures.com