Cristiano Esclapon
Co-Founder of Siamo Soci; Founder of Club Italia Investimenti 2
  • Cristiano Esclapon began his career in finance in 1986. He has worked for leading Italian and international financial institutions, including Banca Euromobiliare Private Banking, Merrill Lynch (now part of Bank of America), Banca Esperia and Azimut Wealth Management. He has always had a passion for technology, and in 2007 began to focus on seed investments in digital startups both on his own behalf and for his clients. In 2011 he co-founded SiamoSoci, an online crowd-funding platform that matches private capital with innovative startups. In 2013, building on the success of SiamoSoci, he founded Club Italia Investimenti 2, a pre-seed investment fund supporting Italy's major startup accelerators. The fund supports startups in their earliest stages and helps them to adopt efficient business models to ensure their growth and development. Cristiano is currently developing a new startup accelerator in Milan. He has also founded a non-profit technology education project in a village in the Philippines. SiamoSoci: is the pre-eminent Italian matchmaking platform for private investors and entrepreneurs with innovative businesses who seek venture capital and skills or know-how. Prospective investors can search through a database of startups, analyze their business plans which appear in a standardized format, contact the founders, and consider providing capital and expertise to the projects. Startups signing on to the platform are provided with the tools needed to present their projects in a comprehensive, transparent and secure way to investors.