You still have about 2 months to apply to get into our startup accelerator in 2017! In five months, we will help your startup go to the market and reach explosive growth through a micro-seed investment and a balanced mix of management courses, hands-on support and business insights provided by our advisors’ network. If you’d like to apply, here’s a list of tips you should follow to increase your chances to get into the next batch of startups!
  1. Apply early – We usually receive many applications, but more than half of them come in on the last day. So, if you send us your application early, we surely spend more time on it.
  2. Choose your advisors carefully– In the application form, we ask you to select three potential advisors for your startups. You can find them among the members of our Board of Advisors or outside.
  3. Do not ramble– We like synthesis. Complete the application form in all its fields and pay attention to answer just the question asked without adding unrequired details.
  4. Be honest about your traction – We want to know how your project is going. Event though numbers are small (like a few subscribers or customers), we are interested in knowing them. Do not tell us about the traction you’d like to have. Tell us the truth.
  5. Catch our attention – We love pitches, but we are a bit bored of reading slides. With a video-pitch, your chances to catch our attention are much higher. Another tip to hit the target? Don't forget to send us your MVP!
Do you have all you need to get you ready for the application. So, what are you waiting for?