Since I started my career as a graphic designer some years ago, I've always been looking for tools that make me design faster and better. In this post, I'd like to share with you some of the best resources I've collected during the last years. I've divided them in five categories: inspiration, images, icons, logos and socials. If you have any other resource you might want to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below. We would really appreciate it!  

1) Get Inspired

  This is the website I use to vist when I'm in need of some inspiration. Abduzeedo is a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials. A blog about design made by an open community. Abduzeedo You The Designer is an other great blog that strives to be at the cutting edge of design trends, tips, tutorials, inspirations, resources and much more. Here I can always find nice freebies and templates. Youthedesigner One of the best websites if you want to be updated about graphic design trends. I've also found some good fonts here. Creativebloq  

2) Images and Pictures for Free

  Images. Every day, the Social Media Managers who are working here at LUISS ENLABS ask me for images for blog posts, social media and so on. Since most of the time we are running out of it, I can't provide them every day with new ones. So here's a list of the best places where I usually get pictures: Unsplash PicJumbo Pixabay Splitshire Ah. I forgot. These following two websites are incredible. They are full of free vector images. Check them out! Vector4free Freepik  

3) All the Icons You Need

  Think of an icon. A specific icon. An icon you think it's impossible to find on the Web. Well.Try looking for it on FlatIcon. I bet a beer you will find it! FlatIcon  

4) Logo Generation

  The one that follows is not a tool. It is just a blog post. A blog post about many different logos you can start from. I found it extremely inspirational and... useful, if you need to re-style the brand identity of your startup.  

5) The Right Size for Every Social

  Last but not least: my Holy Bible where I check all the sizes and measures for designing the perfect images for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and so on. SproutSocial