Tiassisto24: a Web Platform That Cuts Vehicle Management Costs and Hurdles

Do you remember the exact date when your driving licence or insurance expires? Have you already replaced your tyres? How many operators do you interact with while managing your vehicle? And even more importantly, do they always provide a timely and efficient support? To reduce the time you waste on interaction with multiple operators and improve the quality of your experience, Michele and Giuseppe Romagnoli previously working in automotive damages and loss compensation sector and an Insurance Consultant Claudio Della Loggia, have founded Tiassisto24. The goal of the startup is to become a single interface for your vehicle management. Providing their services in the same building in Abruzzo province, the team has implemented their idea offline in September 2012, providing services to more than 700 clients. Now Tiassisto24 participates in LUISS ENLABS Accelerator Program to bring their business online. 

Our Startups Pitching at IAG Annual Meeting

On October 3, LUISS ENLABS hosted an annual meeting of Italian Angels for Growth, the largest Business Angels group in Italy. Comprising 115 members, the group fully reflects its naming: provides early stage investments into enterprises with high innovative potential enough to guarantee their profitable for Angels exit within 5 years. The event was a great opportunity for our startups to pitch the potential investors and receive their precious advice.

A Planetary Movement of Makers Is Disrupting the Startup Scene

A fast-growing army of digital artisans is hitting the planet. They are tech enthusiasts who literally invent and build products trying to innovate every aspect of our daily life. It is not just “making” but a true lifestyle mainly involving “democratizing” the access to resources, and “sharing” by creating and participating in online communities and leveraging open-source software and hardware.