Interactive Project Now Collaborates With Letang Inc, the Chinese Media Company With 20M Active Users!

Interactive Project proceeds on its expansion toward the Asian market and announces its collaboration with Letang Inc.! Letang Inc., company headquartered in China, is part of the big media company MNC Media Investment Ltd., listed on NASDAQ stock exchange. Their core markets are Europe, America, Asia and Middle East and it enjoys over 20 million active users!

Startup Investing Trends: Venture Capitalists Bet On Smart Cars

Among other aspects, technology is changing the way we drive car. Day by day, innovation is helping drivers enjoy an always improved user experience. Have a look at what has happened with navigation devices, for example, which have allowed a smarter (and paperless) way to travel. They soon became native (integrated in the dashboard) while smartphones and sensors have been opening a new era of breakthroughs. Think about how Israeli Waze (acquired by Google for $1.2Bn in 2013) has changed the way we get information about traffic via its huge community of connected drivers. It is not anymore a dedicated radio station issuing a bullettin at a given time but a crowd of people in the midst of the rush hour exchanging information in real time.

Tutored: A Web Platform That Brings Tutoring Online

In spite of innovative startups changing the markets in quantum leaps, tutoring market remains disorganized with lots of time wasted on searching a proper tutor and getting in touch with him/her. 
To resolve this problem encountered as well by Gabriele Giugliano CEO, Martina Mattone COO, Nicolò Bardi CFO and Paolo Molinara CTO during their studies, this team of young and energetic guys has founded Tutored. While Gabriele and Nicolò have already known each other well, running their company for events organization since they were 18, the team got complete in the occassion of InnovActionLab.

Effective Project Management Tool: How to Use Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a data collector for mobile applications, which allows developers to track aggregate data about users behavior and experience in the application and proved to be a great help for startuppers developing applications or videogames. Why? Valerio and Roberto from Interactive Project explain: “We developed an ad-hoc tool to monitor behaviors in our first game; however there are tools which help monitoring the application and to have feedback in order to adapt the application to the needs of the final users. We tried Flurry Analytics with our last game OverVolt: crazy slot cars, and found it very useful and rather easy to implement!”

These Companies Are Leading the Startup Revolution in the Education Sector

As we recently highlighted (read here), education is among the sectors mostly affected by the disruptive power of technology. But to thrive in the current fast-changing world, people often need to acquire new knowledge and skills, which are not provided by traditional educational channels. Surfing this wave, some startups have been trying to democratize the learning arena to empower them to learn what really matters, from professional subjects to languages, in a more customized way with no connection to education institutions.