European Commission: CoContest, an example of innovation in the design sector

According to Business Innovation Observatory Trend Report produced by European Commission, over the last years, final users are getting more and more involved in the process of design ideation and creation on the product, as well as on the urban and housing level. This has parallely brought to the development and introduction of innovation elements into business models of companies in the sector and particular awareness towards ecological and green topics. According to the Report, companies operating in the construction sector plan to produce green 60% of their total production; the so-called “intelligent houses” refer to deals amounting to 1 bln, including all the devices potentially connected to residences.

Startup Funding Trends: 2014 Data and Deals Show Opportunities in the Italian Market

The recently released Sixth Venture Capital Monitor showed that 66 new investments in startups by venture capital firms were made in Italy in 2013, +16% compared to 2012.

Having a look at the figures in the report, some other meaningful data emerge: for example, 31 investors were active making at least an investment, an average operation amount of €800k with an average 25% stake taken (less than 30% in 2012 and 40% in 2011).