6 Unexpected Effects of This Acceleration Program

Participating to a startup acceleration program is a life changing experience. It helps you grow both on a personal and on a professional level. During the five months program, we will show you how the lean startup approach works. It will lead you to see work and life from a different point of view. Here you can find six unexpected changes you could experience if you apply to.

Startup Investment Trends: the Lawyer and Legal Business Rise

In order to thrive, many startups develop software to innovate traditional sectors. In previous posts, we already spoke about the wine (read here) education (read here ) and banking (read here) industries. And we have brought evidences that in these areas is very difficult to bring (and accept) innovation. Another hard-to-innovate sector is – without any doubt – the legal industry. No way. A lot of lawyers continue to rely on old processes, this representing a tough obstacle for digital startups.