Thingarage: How We Shook up Our Work Habits and Embraced the 3D Revolution

The 3D printing revolution is still at its beginning. Many startups are exploring this market. One of them is Thingarage. Founded in 2013 by Antonello Balestrieri, architect, Valentina Lauro, expert in communications, Antonio Tiseo, PhD student in international relations, and Carlo Tomei, IT engineer, Thingarage is essentially a crowdsourcing platform for 3D models. The goal is to connect designers with companies involved in research and development of new products. For them, Thingarage represents the most simple and quickest way to achieve their goals.

Startup, Why Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Is the New Digital Must

From the analysis of the sentiment stated on Twitter posts to an advanced targeting of the new digital audiences, a real-time activity of social media monitoring allows startups to understand who is leading online conversation about their own reference market. Software solutions for social network analysis offer a powerful tool to detect most shared online topics, granting companies a first row monitoring experience of trending topics on User Generated Content (UGC) platforms. A sentiment analysis algorithm can be efficiently used also to real-time monitor not only social conversations on brands, sport matches and TV-shows but also big conferences and political elections.