Bitcoin: What It Is and How It Works – Workshop

During the latest years people are getting more and more interested in bitcoin and in its applications on the economy, on a commercial and legal level. Yesterday at LUISS ENLABS we hosted a first introductory workshop on this topic in order to understand better what this phenomenon represents and how it works.

Digital Brand Design: Do Lab Classes are About to Start, Sign up Now

One brand new Do Lab course is about to start: Digital Brand Design! Do Lab – Digital Smart Learning is a school created and promoted by Codemotion, together with LVenture GroupAttending Digital Brand Design, you will learn everything about the design and the creation of a digital brand. We asked Claudia Illuzzi, lecturer of Digital Brand Design, a few questions on the topics she will explain better during the classes.

Startup Investing Trends: the Business of the Educational Technology in 2014

Tech startups hype themselves by saying they want to change the world or, more minimally, a (small) piece of it. They want to disrupt, revolutionize a sector, an area. Change old attitudes. For this reason, we can consider natural the fact that they started targeting the education field, too often anchored to aged schemes and processes.

Now, at least in terms of innovation attempts, something is changing, especially in the USA where – in the last two years – venture capitalists have been massively investing in edtech startups, which are trying to develop innovative solutions to support teachers, students and parents and to revolutionize the way they have operated to date. The trend is emerging resoundingly and in 2014 funds are continuing to pour through in order to create a sustainable ecosystem.

How To Scale Your Startup from City to City: The Story and the Advices of BlaBla Car

Today the Italian team of BlaBla Car came over at LUISS ENLABS to tell their story to our startups. An inspiring story for every startup willing to scale its business on a national and international level.Created in 2006, BlaBla Car is a trusted community marketplace connecting drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. Today, it counts more than six million members, one million travelers per month and it operates in twelve different countries. How did they get these results? The answer is in three main features: investments, PR and social media marketing.