Startup Tools List: 46 Resources To Manage Your Business

During my experience as a founder of a startup I have devoted a great part of my time trying to identify useful tools in order to support my company and to strengthen my knowledge of the market in which I am involved. I am sure that one of the things that makes the difference and allows you to get an advantage are the information and, now more than ever, the ways and the places in which you can find crucial and strategic information are increasing very fast.

How To Use Social Media to Promote Your Startup

If you are a startup, your Social Media presence can’t be determined by a fatalistic approach. You can’t say “Oh well, everybody’s on Facebook so should be my startup”. Choosing channels, building a Social Media Reputation and turning social spaces into opportunities to find prospects and engage your customers must guide your startup’s Social Media Strategy.

Riccardo Illy and Andrea Febbraio Joined Our Board of Advisor

We proudly announce that Andrea Febbraio and Riccardo Illy joined our board of advisors this week! 

During the latest months, after visiting our headquarters, many important professionals decided to take part to our project becoming advisors. Just a month ago we had the pleasure to welcome on board as advisors Daniele Bruttini, Maurizio CarmignaniMike ChenPaolo CucciaCristiano Escaplon and Michele Zonca.

Advisors have a crucial role in our acceleration program. They support the growth of the startups helping their business development through networking activity. Through their advices and expertise, advisors help startups to build the product and gain higher level of management efficiency. 

Startups Trying to Disrupt Old Fashioned Wine Industry

According to official figures (read here), global online wine sales exceeded $5bn in 2012 and are continuing to grow at about 30% per year.

Anyways, the majority of consumers continue to buy their wine through traditional channels and online sales account for less than 5% of all sales worldwide. The average is higher in the UK, France and Germany, where the percentage of consumers who buy wine online is increasing (approximately 9/10% out of the total) and lower in the USA, where only 2% of people prefer shopping online.

LUISS ENLABS: Accelerator Stats in a sight – [INFOGRAPHIC]

One year ago, we arrived in our new headquarter at Termini station. We can say it was a one-year-sprint for our accelerator, during which we definetly have been accelerated, growing day by day. We ran two acceleration programs. We held more than 40 events. And now we host more than 200 people working together, and daily sharing their passion for technology and business.