We Know Who Is Going to Win Sanremo 2014. Thanks to Datalytics

The winner of Sanremo 2014 is going to be Noemi, followed by Perturbazione. This is the best forecast up to date.

How do we know that? Simple. We asked Datalytics, one of the startups working at LUISS ENLABS.

Based on the monitoring of Twitter buzz, Datalytics forecasts the result of real events such as political elections and TV shows.

Here you can find the real time monitoring of Sanremo 2014, to keep informed 24/7 about changes and variations in the forecast. At the moment, the tool has already processed 335.288 tweets, from the first day of the event. And they say the winner is going to be Noemi.

KPIs you have to know to set up and run an e-commerce

If you want to start up an e-commerce, be sure you know what you are doing. In this post we will show you the main market data of the sector and the KPIs you surely have to know to start your own activity.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. In 2012, the total value of the sector has reached approx $1.025 trillion, + 21% compared to 2011.

North America is still the largest market, but Asian countries are growing even faster. Growth in Europe has been high too, + 22% compared to 2011, with a total market value of €305 billion. UK, Germany and France are the biggest markets, Eastern European countries (e.g. Poland) are growing significantly.

Special Guests

Recently, we were pleased to host special guests that was really enthusiastic to know our startups. We hosted John Phillips, U.S. Ambassador to Italy who was followed by Elizabeth McKay, Minister Counselor for Public Affairs and Katherine B. Hadda, Minister Counselor for Economics and some representatives of his Communiation & Culture Team as Tiziana Candeloro.

How to visualize data in an innovative way – Workshop

On Thursday, Roberto Macina – CEO & co-founder of Qurami – will speak about innovative visualization of data during the workshop organized by SAS, in collaboration with LUISS ENLABS.

Many important companies and institutions are already using Qurami, an innovative technology solution that permits to remotely reserve a spot in line through a mobile application that interacts with electronic ticketing machines.