Venture Capital in 2014, Infrastructure Investments Follow Hype Around Trends

Every year, different interests emerge in the tech world and hype is often generated around them. Anyways, the process of building viable ecosystems is harder and requires time and efforts. At the beginning of the decade were social networks followed by daily deal platforms and aggregators trying to exploit the group buying business. 2012 and 2013 were the years of mobile payments platforms and crowdfunding. 

Startups Tales: Meet Federico de Cerchio, CEO of wineOwine

The family of LVGroup is growing more and more. 2013 ended with the entry of five new startups: AppEatIT, SpotOnWay, Thingarage, wineowine, Zenfeed.

Today, we want to introduce you Federico De Cerchio, CEO of wineOwine.

wineOwine is the easiest way to get hard to find wines at the best prices. A team of wine experts works closely to wine producers. Do you want to know something more about Federico?

TECH!LAB: new coders are coming!

On February, 7th Do!Lab started with TECH!LAB, the course to learn basics of programming. We made some questions to one of the experts who teaches the lessons. Do!Lab is the professional school to build new plans for the future and increase technological skills.

It embraces other two courses, about social media marketing (SOCIAL!LAB) and web design (DESIGN!LAB).

Vint Cerf’s Advices to Startups

Today at LUISS ENLABS we met Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, now vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google. During his quick speech, he gave some pieces of advises to our startups.

First, don’t be afraid to fail. “When Tony Blair, former prime minister of UK, came to visit us he asked how to import the Silicon Valley model to London – remembered Cerf – nobody replied. So I suggested a round table. And finally a hand was raised. It was Steve Jobs that said: ‹‹There is a thing that we have all in common: the failure of at least one of our business››”.