Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2015: towards a new entrepreneurial culture

We share with Government and Global Entrepreneurship Congress the same goal: promote entrepreneurship” this is what Luigi Capello, LUISS ENLABS founder, said reflecting on yesterday’s event “What is tomorrow’s entrepreneur, organized in collaboration with META Group, held in our headquarter in Rome.

LUISS ENLABS helps tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to grow their startups and develop them into successful enterprises. “We are the first Italian example in which a venture capitalist, LVenture Group, an entrepreneurial system, Enlabs, and a university, Luiss Guido Carli, are linked together to invest and promote entrepreneurship”said Capello.

Demoday 2014 #2: news from our startup Zenfeed, Snapback, AppeatIT, SpotOnWay, Thingarage and wineOwine

Every two weeks, our startups have to present updates to mentors and colleagues. Small goals are set on a reasoned based in order to make things happens as soon as possible. During the two-week sprint, startups are asked to work on main priorities in an effective and fast way.

Our startups are required to follow an XPM approach. They must manage their time in the accelerator and speed up their development. Regular business checks help entrepreneurs to focus on their jobs. Early detection of any kind of problem can hinder the startup development and find solutions for it.

Seven accelerating startups presented their sprint updates yesterday.