From today you can pre-order your Filo, the small Bluetooth device that helps you finding whatever you are looking for! Try and figure the pain of not remembering where you parked your car when you are in a rush for a meeting or a date. Well. Filo, startup accelerated by LUISS ENLABS program, helps you solve this pain. How does it work? Attach Filo to an item like your car, your keys, even your kid or dog. Then, through the Filo app, check directly from your smartphone when the item is. When your stuff gets lost, Filo helps you finding them! The design and the production of Filo are 100% Made in Italy. It is avaiable for both iOS and Android. For futher information about technicals, visit the website: Earlier this year Filo received a micro-seed funding from LVenture Group and has been accepted to join our startup acceleration program. Thanks to the program, they made it to develop and produce the device in less than 4 months. Want to get your Filo right now? Visit the shop! You can get a special discount just singing up to the Filo newsletter!