It is like going around the world. Staying at home. This is Whoosnap, app developed by one of the startups of our fifth acceleration program. Whoosnap is an innovative platform though which everyone can send requests to get real time photos of a specific location (e.g. the new windows of a shopping street, how many people are in that place before you start or an immediate update of a social or natural event). Once the request is launched, Whoosnap immediately sends a notification to users only who are geo-localized in that location. Anyone who receives the notification can reply by “capturing” what required. They receive back a reward offered by the applicant. The mission is accomplished: photos are sent back to the applicants, becoming public on their global map. It is like having a dedicated photoreporter everywhere, in the world. “After five months of hard work, our app has been released in the App Store. We are proud of our latest achievements: during the beta testing, we signed a partnership with Instagramers Italy, the most important Italian community of photography enthusiasts. For Christmas Eve, we will launch together a photo contest that will engage thousand of users of Instagramers - said Enrico Scianaro, CEO of Whoosnap - We are receiving many positive feedback from the people and expecially from journalists. Our users are growing day by day. If we make it to sustain this growth rate, in a few months we will be able to offer a great service.” So, let's give Whoosnap a try! screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6