The second round of LUISS ENLABS Investor Day has just took place in our headquarters: after the Investor Day Milan Edition at U-Start Conference, it was Rome's turn! High expectations and true excitement were in the air for this great event in which five from our most recent batch of startups pitched VCs, business angels and corporate investors all gathered in the same place. Did you miss the event and the live & Twitter streaming? Check out the video right now, with the pitches of our five accelerated startups! Here they are.  

Giuseppe Morlino, CEO of Snapback

Snapback allows touchless and sightless interaction with smart devices. It is an energy-efficient solution that takes the UX to higher levels and empowers gamers with more interaction opportunities and for gesture control in challenging and sensitive environments such as the car, operation room etc.

Paky Russo, CEO of SpotOnWay

SpotOnWay allows users to get geo-located free discount vouchers. It provides merchants a competitive and cost-effective solution to lower stock and inventory and increase customer flow.

Antonello Balestrieri, CEO of thingarage

thingarage crowd-sources designers for customized 3D models. It helps corporates 3D printing gadgets, architecture, home decor, jewlery, mobile devices and more. Buyers launch contests, crowdsourced designers submit their proposals and the winning design gets 3D-printed.

Federico De Cerchio, CEO of wineOwine

wineOwine is an e-commerce platform that gives you access to quality wines from smaller quality producers. A team of wine experts, composed of oenologists and sommeliers, work closely with wineries to offer "fine wines at the best prices" on a bi-weekly basis.

Giuseppe Silvano, CEO of Zenfeed

Zenfeed is the news-reader that allows you to receive all the news from your favorite sources in a unique, awesome and intuitive interface. Through advanced algorithms, Zenfeed reads your news and sorts them according to your interests.   Want to know more about the startups? Have a look at these interviews: Thingarage: How We Shook up Our Work Habits and Embraced the 3D Revolution Snapback: “How LUISS ENLABS Drove Us From a Social Network to the Touchless Revolution”