Super Poteri, the innovative service of the Italian startup Brave Potions that helps young patients overcome the fear of the doctor, launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, the first Italian equity crowdfunding platform for capital raised and in three days raised € 20,000.

The service improves the relationship between the child and the doctor, creating an imaginary world of heroes and magicians-doctors defeating the fear that afflicts the little ones in front of the medical instruments and helping the doctors to do their job better.

The Super Poteri app makes all this possible through augmented reality, a technology that allows virtual information to be superimposed on the normal reality perceived by the senses.

The medical and dental offices, hospital departments and analysis laboratories that are part of the service are provided with the physical materials that interact with the app, such as the "Cards of Powers", making the places of care an integral part of the magic.

Super Poteri is already present in 600 dental offices and two hospitals throughout Italy that are using the service with their young patients and the app has been downloaded by more than 13,000 families.

Thanks to the capital required on Mamacrowd, Brave Potions, which has participated in LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program, is preparing for a strong customer acquisition campaign: in Italy in other medical fields as well as dentistry and abroad in the dental sector and hospitals (only in the United States there are 5,500 hospitals in 221 totally pediatric).

Participating in the campaign is simple, just visit the page and choose how much to invest (the minimum amount is € 500).