The 3rd BNP Paribas International Hackathon was held last weekend in Rome and in the other 9 participating countries and, we can say it, it was a complete success!

After 48 hours of thinking, briefing, coding and so on, the 16 participating teams presented in a 3-minutes pitch their projects to the jury during the closing ceremony. The members of the jury were so impressed with the quality and the potentiality of the projects that decided to reward five teams instead of four!

Who are the big winners that are now ready to start the co-working phase?

  • BB Boyz, alias LUISS ENLABS' startup BaasBox, developed BNL Boon, a platform for offering specific pathways to help people achieve the great goal of their lives;

  • Mendua, a team created by three boys from three different LUISS ENLABS' startups, created a marketplace of goods acquired though leasing for SME;

  • SpidChain, an app for identity profiling and matching: a game where your friends say what they think about you while earning loyalty points. With self-sovereign identity system on blockchain;

  • Bankon VR, the first application of virtual reality for customer service;

  • GoSherpy developed Maitre, the digital concierge that offers to the client highly tailored financial and non-financial investment opportunities and helps the private banker to better know their clients' profile.
Good news doesn't stop here! Rome won the International Hackathon global hashtag battle, a hard and intense 24 hours Twitter battle that saw Rome beating the Luxemburg after a heartbreaker head-to-head.

hashtag battle

It was a real success, isn't it? Find out more pictures here.