It’s that time of year again. Yesterday a new Acceleration Program kicked off here at LUISS ENLABS. Seven startups will now spend the next five months rolling up their sleeves to go to market and reach exponential growth.

Startups in this batch represent a wide array of industries ranging between FoodTech, artificial intelligence, home automation and healthcare.

So, let’s see the seven lucky startups who joined us!

  1. PharmaPrime - PharmaPrime is a marketplace that sells pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetic products, guaranteeing delivery in only 40 minutes. The platform provides pharmacies a direct channel for the acquisition of new clients without having to spend on logistics, marketing, or technological infrastructure.
  1. PoWaHome - PoWaHome is a small home automation device that can be inserted in already existing household light switches. The tool serves to control light, charges, and blinds from a distance all through a smartphone app. It integrates systems of voice control (such as Google Home) with previously present electrical installations.
  1. Revotree - Revotree is an inexpensive, easy to use, and scalable electronic system equipped with artificial intelligence for the optimized management of orchard irrigation. Incorporating itself in the already present irrigation installations, it guarantees improved water consumption efficiency and better monitoring of the environmental parameters of the orchards through an Android app.
  1. Ruleat - Ruleat is an SaaS B2B cloud based created to better the communication and organization inside restaurants. It is comprised of an app and a customizable dashboard that do not require dedicated hardware. The system puts clients, staff, and restauranteurs into contact in order to better performance and customer experience.
  1. In Time Link - In Time Link is a direct connection between managers of automatic distributors and the client. The client can receive promotions, make purchases, or request support through their smartphone. Managers can monitor their network, administer tickets, and participate in marketing campaigns of food and beverage providers.
  1. FitLunch - FitLunch is an innovative service that allows users to eat healthy and balanced meals, enabling anyone to follow a diet without having any excuses. Customizable for any objective and for any client, it can be delivered to any preferred place.
  1. Together Price - Together Price is a Sharing Network that combines the power of social network engagement with an automated system that makes managing a sharing group easier. It allows users to create a network of people they trust in order to split the cost of shareable products and services.

Welcome startups and good luck!