If you are young, passionate founder of operating startup in ICT, web, mobile or security, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the third edition of Startup Tel Aviv Bootcamp. The international contest organized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Tel Aviv city and Google Israel, gets together the best startuppers coming from 20 countries. The winner of the contest will represent Italy in Israel on the bootcamp from 14 to 19 September 2014. Why to participate?
  • Avner Warner from Tel Aviv Global City Administration, states: “Tel Aviv was ranked as the second best place to open a startup, second only to Silicon Valley”. Israel has succeeded to become a Startup Nation, the concept argued by Professor Shlomo Maital, Director of Technion Institute of Management of Israel, in his book “Technion Nation”. Italy has the potential to develop into a Startup Nation too and this potential is inside you. Take the inspiration from Israeli model!
  • The same week Tel Aviv hosts the annual edition of Digital Life Design Conference, an international hi-tech event with hundreds of start-ups investors and multinationals. This is an opportunity to meet representatives from companies such as Google, Amdocs, Barclays, Microsoft and SAP.
  • Startup Tel Aviv Bootcamp is an excellent spot to “show off” yourself and promote Italian entrepreneurship, but more important it is a great chance for you to catch the interest of investors and grow your startup!
Hurry up, the application closes on 30th of June, at 24.00. You can find the details on how to make the application here. The materials sent within the deadline will be examined by the panel and the winner will be announced on 21st of July at 18.00. 14-19 September 2014, Tel Aviv, you must be there!